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"Zach Merrill is a screen printer and fashion designer located in Pittsburgh, PA. Driven by an unstoppable need to create, every creation has a way of empowering those who possess it."

Zach Merrill full promo film now in orbit, showcasing Collection XP. Shot on Kodak 500T/7219.

Client: Zach Merrill Prints
Production Co.: HOLDING COMPANY Films

Imani Bates
Eve Catharine
Cedric Blackmon

Kayla Stover

Dillon Hvizdash

Director/Editor: Drew Clouse
Producer: Michael Bagnato
DP: Michael Bagnato
Gaffer/Porta-Jib Operator: Stefano Ceccarelli
Grip: Scott Geibel
2nd AC: Ryan Peters
Color: Michael Bagnato
Pre-Production: Thomas Holmes

Camera: Aaton XTR
Lenses: Canon 11-165mm/T2.5 Super 16mm Zoom, Zeiss Super Speeds/T1.3 (9.5mm, 25mm), Arri/Zeiss Ultra16 Prime 14mm/T1.3
Film: Kodak Vision 3 500T/7219
Film Lab: Kodak Film Lab Atlanta
Rentals: The Camera Dept., Resolution Rentals

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