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HOLDING COMPANY Films is a Pittsburgh-based film production company focused on creating strong, independent projects and fostering collaborative relationships between crew, talent, storytellers, industry, and audience. We specialize in analog film formats such as 35mm, 16mm, and Super 8mm.


Our core values focus on emboldening storytellers and projects from initial idea to production through collaboration and grassroots connections. We provide collaborators and artists with access to in-house analog film equipment and resources, as well as educational tools, all supported by our own personal experience with independent film production and celluloid. The depth and character of celluloid film, and the stories that are told through it, are what drove us to create HOLDING COMPANY Films, as we want to share the craft and the process with others to preserve and accentuate filmmaking in its purest form.


Explore what we're currently working on, our past projects, and a collection of analog resources that may inspire you the way they have us. We would love to work with you on a future project, teach you a little about celluloid film, or simply have a conversation about which director, cinematographer, or movie we're keen on lately.

- Michael Bagnato and Thomas Holmes


  Pittsburgh, PA




Michael Bagnato is a Cinematographer working locally in Pittsburgh, PA. He received his Master's of Fine Arts in Film & Digital Technology from Chatham University in 2017.


Director/Writer/1st AC



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