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aaton xtr

Aaton XTR Camera Specs:

-Ergonomic "Cat on the Shoulder" Design

-Super 16mm PL Mount

-13 Lbs. w/ 400' Loaded Magazine and On-Board Battery

-Noise Level: 20db -1/+2

-3-54 fps

-Hair-Free Gate

-New (2021) HD-SDI Internal Video Tap

Aaton XTR Super 16mm Camera Kit Includes:

-Aaton XTR Super 16mm Camera

-3x - Aaton 400' Magazines

-Wooden Handgrip w/ Run/Stop Switch

-Viewfinder w/ Rubber Eyepiece

-Extension Viewfinder

-2x - NiMH Batteries

-4x - Mini Rods

-Run/Stop Switch

-Aaton NiMH Battery Charge w/ Power Cable, 4-Pin XLR Cable

-Arriflex Bridge Plate and Dovetail

-Ratworks Cheese Handle

-Ratworks 4" Screw-In Mini Rods

-Flight Case

Zeiss Super Speed Mk. II Super 16mm Lens Set Specs:

-Fast at a T1.3

-Extremely Sharp and Contrasty

-Signature Triangle Iris and Bokeh

-80mm Front

Zeiss Super Speed Mk. II Super 16mm Lens Kit Includes:

-Zeiss Super Speed 25mm/T1.3 Super 16mm Lens

-Zeiss Super Speed 16mm/T1.3 Super 16mm Lens

-Zeiss Super Speed 12mm/T1.3 Super 16mm Lens

-Zeiss Super Speed 9.5mm/T1.3 Super 16mm Lens

-1-Hole Pelican Case (25mm)

-3-Hole Pelican Case (9.5, 12, 16mm)

Arriflex 35-III Gen. 2 Camera Specs:

-4-Perf Movement

-Super 35mm PL Mount

-Up to 120 fps

Arriflex 35-III Gen. 2 Super 35mm Camera Kit Includes:

-Arriflex 35-III Gen. 2 Super 35mm Camera

-Cinematography Electronics Crystal Sync Base

-Custom SD Video Tap w/ Cables

-HD Monitor w/ Cables

-Extended Viewfinder

-Arriflex 400' Magazine

-2x - Arriflex 200' Magazine

-Arri Rosette Handgrip with Run/Stop Switch

-12/24V Power Pack w/ 2 Batteries and Pelican Case

-2x - 4-Pin XLR Cables

-Flight Case

arriflex 35-iii gen. 2

zeiss super speed mk. ii

EQUIPMENT NOT PICTURED: Arri/Zeiss Ultra16 14mm/T1.3 Super 16mm PL Mount Lens, Angenieux 17-102mm/T2.9 PL Mount Zoom Lens, Canon 814 XL Auto Zoom Super 8mm Camera with 7.5mm to 60mm/T1.4 Zoom Lens, Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K Kit, Canon Cinema EOS C100 Kit, Rokinon Cine Lens Kit (EF Mount), Kino Flo Diva Lite 401 Light Kit, Litepanels 4X Astra Bi-Color LED Light Kit, Mole-Richardson Baby-Zip 2,000 Watt Tungsten Softlife Kit, Quasar Crossfade Bi-Color Linear LED Lamp Kit, Knio Flo Mini-Flo Kit.

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