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benny boy


"After the passing of his mother, Ben must return to the small town where he grew up to sort through his family's past and a strenuous relationship with his father."


Written and directed by Thomas Holmes. 15:51 minutes. Shot on Super 16mm film.


Filmed in various locations throughout Western Pennsylvania between March and August of 2019.

Camera: Aaton XTR

Lens: Zeiss Super Speed 25mm/T1.3 Mk. II Super 16 Lens and Canon SC15X11 11-165mm/T2.5 Super 16 Zoom Lens

Film Stock: Kodak Vision 3 200T/7213, 500T/7219

Processing Lab: Kodak Film Lab Atlanta

Aspect Ratio: 2.00:1

Equipment Rental House: The Camera Department 


Director: Thomas Holmes
Exec. Producer: Mark Bagnato
Writer: Thomas Holmes
DP: Michael Bagnato
AD: Ilana Diamant
Gaffer: Kevin Galloway
Grip: Desire Williams, Rory Bocan
1st AC: Ralph Dilullo
2nd AC: Drew Clouse
Sound Design/Editing: Chris Bell
Production Design: Sarah Huth

Editor: Peter Logue

Colorist: David Martinez

Original Score: Jahn Sood

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